Pedophile Distributes Racist Newsletter in Crozet

White supremacist newsletter The Aryan Alternative was left in Crozet driveways this morning, Jenn McDaniel writes for NBC-29, courtesy of the “National Vanguard.” The same group last did this in 2005, leaving the publication around Rose Hill. (Which is probably not the demographic they were going for.) The group appears to consist of one guy, Kevin Strom, who you might remember for his child porn collection, pedophilia habit, wife-beating, and trolling this here website. He was arrested a couple of years ago, had the pedophilia and wife-beating charges dropped, served time for his kiddie porn collection, and got out in September. This all started when National Vanguard became headquartered in C’ville a few years ago. That’s the price that we pay for being a tolerant town.

The shame is that he does all of this for the attention, and here I am, giving him more of it. If somebody could scan in a copy of this rag, I suspect it’d be worth posting here. The foolishness spouted by this no-talent assclown withers when exposed to sunlight and mocked accordingly.

Jim Duncan’s got more from the Crozet perspective at his blog.

05/22 Update: Here’s a PDF of the issue (5.1 MB) for those who want to know what the fuss is about. If you’re easily offended, you’ll want to skip it, but it mostly ranges from laughable to pathetic. These dopes’ heads are spinning on the topic of Israel, because they know what who they hate more: Jews or Muslims. The schtick with this whole thing is that one guy with apparently no more than an hour’s experience with Adobe InDesign puts together an issue (about once a year, by the looks of it), sells them in bulk for a dime a piece, and lonely misanthropic losers across the country buy a few hundred and, under cover of darkness, put them on people’s doorsteps. Then they track the outrage on their website. Remember, we “take offense”—you have to choose to accept it. These guys are lifelong losers who can’t accept that it’s their own fault that their lives suck, and are looking for somebody to blame. Pity them. Ridicule them. But don’t waste energy being offended.

24 thoughts on “Pedophile Distributes Racist Newsletter in Crozet”

  1. The shame is that he does all of this for the attention

    More than attention, I would wager he’s doing it to spark fear. And the best way to handle fear mongering like this is to make it laughable and trivial. Thus, giving it attention isn’t a bad thing, in my opinion. Doing so simply trivializes it and shows how ridiculous he and his “publication” are.

    I’m reminded of Harry Potter: “RIDICULOUS!”

  2. Pretty sure it’s “RIDIKULOUS!”.

    Not sure if the wand does a swoop or a slash with that…

  3. Good gosh, people! Pick the trash up and throw it in the trash can! Life is too short to worry about unsolicited newsletters and such.

    Littering? (as suggested elsewhere) What a joke! Who is going to place the charge? Who witnessed “the suspect” and will testify to his/her identity at the trial? Even more importantly, who would take half a day off to go to court to testify in such a trivial charge? I can’t believe the county police would suggest a littering charge, shows their mentality I guess.

  4. First of all, Kevin Strom had NOTHING to do with this distribution. The person responsible for this blog is guilty of irresponsible reporting. Strom is deviant trash, like the deviant trash your supposedly “tolerant” town tolerates: racemixers, pedophiles, homosexuals, and nonwhite criminals, to name a few.

    Second of all, Vanguard News Network, a forum, is promoting this paper, NOT National Vanguard. This is typical irresponsible half-truth reporting from a left wing communist.

    If you want a copy of the paper, you ignorant ass, all you have to do is go to the forum, find the mailing address and request one.

  5. racemixer- seems like some crazy dangerous drug cocktail or maybe some groovy and yummy new drink, like a white russian with a little chocolate swirled in.

    spell it racemixxer and i’m sure it’s some sort of all over body spray

    maybe jus some boring ol shlt where momies and daddies whose babies run track flirt with each other after work one day

    whatever it is, i’m sure glad someone piped in with all that sexy info, i have such a hard time keeping my vanguards straight these days. they were all queered up in my mind before i read that

    chekking out now, got the last disc from the nonwhite criminals an i’m a gonna throw that on the boom box, sit down on my ignorant ass, and chill


  6. So the “nonwhite criminals” are deviant trash, but the white criminals aren’t? Just want to make sure I have that straight….

  7. how about putting them on a firing line and the all of the people offended can put the bastards out of their misery because they hate progress at all costs. it’s sad sign of the times. ah wait before i go let me take em out behind the woodshed beat them down and feed them to the sharks.

  8. Wouldn’t an Aryan Alternative be someone who wasn’t aryan? Just wondering if they know that. :-)

    Seriously though, this has got to be some esoteric comedy troupe. No one can really be that stupid and pathetic can they? And if they are, would a brain scan show some deranged squirrel running a wheel inside.

  9. Waldo, I think that people can condemn generalized hate (against gays, blacks, whites, Mexicans, Americans, the French, Islam, etc…) and have hatred (or great dislike) in their hearts for the individual(s) who had the generalized hate. Hating Hitler or these bastards is not a bad thing, though carrying hate around on a daily basis is a known carcinogen.

  10. Waldo lied twice in this thread’s title. I know. I’m Glenn Miller, publisher of the Aryan Alternative newspaper. First, I know the distributors and none are pedophiles. Secondly, it’s a 16-page, in color, tabloid newspaper not a news-letter.

    Over 1,000 copies were distributed, but less than a dozen recipients complained. And among all the complainers, not one even mentioned, much less rebutted our newspaper’s contents, but rather resorted to vile, hateful, name-callings. Why? Because they all know that what we say is true.

    Blacks, jews, hispanics, and asians publish literally hundreds of newspapers, and all present news and commentary from their racial perspectives. They all promote the interests of their own people.

    All system newspapers also promote the interests of minorities, and never take the side of white folks on any issue.

    We believe whites deserve at least one newspaper that promotes their interests and tells racial truths system newspapers dare not.

    Oprah’s soccermoms and limp-wristed girl-men not wanting to receive future deliveries can phone me anytime at 417-463-7703.

  11. me notta girlie man. me hate system papers. me take all 1000 white paper. who does me calls up

  12. Me being a white, non girl-man, I try to avoid reading any newsprint, because the black ink on the white paper just serves to remind me of the black culture overwriting our proud white heritage. Oh, and jews.

    Glenn Miller puts me In The Mood for hatred.

  13. These guys’ heads must be exploding with President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination this morning. I love it. Almost as much as I love the pot/kettle bit of this doofus’ faux indignation about “vile, hateful, name-callings.”

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go a) father a child with a black woman b) invest my money with a Jew c) hire a Mexican woman to do a job that I’d rather not give to a white man and d) pray towards Mecca. It’s gonna be a big day!

  14. Hey Waldo, is it really a big suprise when the former editor of the Yale law review gets a supreme court nod from the former editor of the Havard law review? Can someone other than Ivy League run this county?
    (She should be reasonably easy to nominate)

  15. LOL Waldo. I try to do those things every morning. I especially love the use of the term mud. Perhaps they’re all from Slithering house.

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