Pedophile Distributes Racist Newsletter in Crozet

White supremacist newsletter The Aryan Alternative was left in Crozet driveways this morning, Jenn McDaniel writes for NBC-29, courtesy of the “National Vanguard.” The same group last did this in 2005, leaving the publication around Rose Hill. (Which is probably not the demographic they were going for.) The group appears to consist of one guy, Kevin Strom, who you might remember for his child porn collection, pedophilia habit, wife-beating, and trolling this here website. He was arrested a couple of years ago, had the pedophilia and wife-beating charges dropped, served time for his kiddie porn collection, and got out in September. This all started when National Vanguard became headquartered in C’ville a few years ago. That’s the price that we pay for being a tolerant town.

The shame is that he does all of this for the attention, and here I am, giving him more of it. If somebody could scan in a copy of this rag, I suspect it’d be worth posting here. The foolishness spouted by this no-talent assclown withers when exposed to sunlight and mocked accordingly.

Jim Duncan’s got more from the Crozet perspective at his blog.

05/22 Update: Here’s a PDF of the issue (5.1 MB) for those who want to know what the fuss is about. If you’re easily offended, you’ll want to skip it, but it mostly ranges from laughable to pathetic. These dopes’ heads are spinning on the topic of Israel, because they know what who they hate more: Jews or Muslims. The schtick with this whole thing is that one guy with apparently no more than an hour’s experience with Adobe InDesign puts together an issue (about once a year, by the looks of it), sells them in bulk for a dime a piece, and lonely misanthropic losers across the country buy a few hundred and, under cover of darkness, put them on people’s doorsteps. Then they track the outrage on their website. Remember, we “take offense”—you have to choose to accept it. These guys are lifelong losers who can’t accept that it’s their own fault that their lives suck, and are looking for somebody to blame. Pity them. Ridicule them. But don’t waste energy being offended.

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