Strom’s Pedophilia Charges Dropped

White supremacist, pedophile, and wife-beater (the trifecta) Kevin Strom has had two charges dropped against him, Rob Seal reports in the Progress. It turns out that it’s totally legal for a grown man to obsess over a ten-year-old girl, send her gifts and love letters, suggest marriage, and cruise by her house. It’s also totally legal for him to beat and threaten his wife after she reports him to the police — that’s not, in fact, intimidating a witness. There do, however, remain the child pornography charges on which he was arrested in January. I’d bet cash that he’ll spend more time in prison for just looking at child porn than somebody who’d actually had sex with a kid. (And probably as much as somebody who sent sexual IMs to a kid.)

But you’ve got to love this part of the story, about Strom’s wife walking in on him:

“She caught him masturbating, but I’m sure that he was not the only one in the county doing that,” [Judge Norman] Moon said in court. “And it’s not a crime, so far.”

I don’t know what’s more awesome — Judge Moon declaring that, or Rob Seal including it in the story.

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