Council Members Question West Main Housing Complex

In 2012, Council approved a new student housing complex on West Main—now some council members are questioning whether what they were shown matches what was built.  #

2 Responses to “Council Members Question West Main Housing Complex”

  • And this is the first time anyone realized this? Don’t the Council members go down West Main more than once a year? And what about the building inspectors – did NO ONE notice the discrepancy? Or did everyone assume ti was someone else’s problem?

    I am going to bet the developer doesn’t get penalized for this.

  • I think the disconnect is between what Council actually approved (the Special Use Permit), and what the BAR approved (the design, colors, etc.). Council didn’t approve what got built. If you think Council meetings are bad now, just wait until they get into the minutiae of building design for real. Now if Council wants to complain that BAR approved something they shouldn’t have, that’s fair and Council has any number of ways of rectifying that — appointing new members to BAR, providing BAR with better guidance, disbanding BAR and assigning those duties to the Planning Commission or itself. But for now, everything worked as the process is designed to: Council approved a building, BAR approved what it looked like. If neither of these two newer members of Council understood their role in the process, that’s a bigger problem.

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