Strom Arrested for Child Porn

The founder of the Charlottesville-based National Vanguard white supremacy group was arraigned on charges of possession of child pornography and witness tampering after being arrested at his home last night by FBI agents. Kevin Strom, an occasional troll, is accused of possessing “multiple images of child pornography” on his computer and physically assaulting a witness to his crime. This yahoo is considered one of the top intellectuals in the Neo-Nazi movement, a group of people with an average IQ around room temperature.

The Hook has more on their blog.

3 thoughts on “Strom Arrested for Child Porn”

  1. Hot dog, I got a response out of a Nazi Troll! Geez, that actually brightens my day. I had forgotten about that thread and after you booted him as a troll, I figured there wasn’t any point in engaging him.

    So, I wonder how they got him on the “attempting to possess child pornography”? The libertarian in me does really find this new police/prosecutor computer-fishing-expedition approach to be a bit unsettling.

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