Neo Nazi Group HQd in C’ville

This seems bad:

Internal squabbling among leaders of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, once the nation’s foremost hate group, has led to the departure of a number of well- established, activist members and to the formation of a new hate group called the “National Vanguard.”


The purged members of the NA created a new group called “National Vanguard” and a number of local units have aligned themselves under the banner of this group. National Vanguard is based in Charlottesville, Virginia, where [Kevin] Strom lives. National Vanguard is the name of the magazine and news-oriented Web site run by Strom while he was with the NA. The new group has appointed a board of directors, but has not tapped a “leader” thus far.


The NA and National Vanguard factions are currently battling over which one is the “true” group to carry on the anti-Semitic and racist legacy of William Pierce, the longtime leader of the group who died in July 2002. The stated goal of the National Vanguard is to supplant the NA.

Strom and his various organizations list contact information as post office boxes in Charlottesville and Earlysville. Both Strom and National Vanguard maintain extensive websites.

It’d be frightening if it wasn’t so pathetic.

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