Hollymead Town Center Stores Announced

The list of tenants that will be in the new Hollymead Town Center (note that there is not, in fact, a town of Hollymead) has been announced by the shopping center’s developers, reports David Hendrick in the Progress:

The Target and Harris Teeter are tentatively scheduled to open in late July and on Aug. 17, respectively.

Other ventures making their initial foray into the local market are the pet-centric supermarket PetsMart, Chevy Chase Bank, and the restaurants Bonefish Grill, Sakura Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar and TGI Friday’s.

Familiar names expanding into the complex include Starbucks, Gamestop, Bubbles Salon and Spa, Hair Cuttery, Wells Fargo Financial and Nextel.

Remember, kids: shop local.

12 thoughts on “Hollymead Town Center Stores Announced”

  1. Hi Waldo – I found your blog while doing some googling on the new Town Center because I would like to start a business there. Thanks for keeping up on the Cville Businesses. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a look around…

  2. I’m actually suprised to see this released as a story this late. If you go to the following site: http://www.regencycenters.com/PropertyDetail.aspx?PID=751 it will give you updates whenever new stores are added.

    Anyone know what the additional “national upscale department store” will be? I have heard rumors that its Hecht’s…. I’ve also heard Olive Garden is going up there too. Charlottesville stops at Wal Mart no more.

  3. I’m a little disappointed by the line-up thus far: Target is appealing, of course, but the rest of it doesn’t seem to bring much to the table. Then again, I don’t live north of town so I can’t really blame people who might be excited to have their own Harris Teeter nearby.

    Now, Olive Garden…that might get me driving north on 29…endless salad and better than Ragazzi’s, I have to say.

  4. I found your blog while doing some googling on the new Town Center because I would like to start a business there.

    So maybe we’ll be able to “shop local” there, after all. :)

  5. i am actually surpise you said that Waldo. There are a lot of locally owned businesses next to the Hollymead Town Center. Where you can ‘shop local’.

  6. i am actually surpise you said that Waldo.

    Don’t be too surprised — I say that all the time. :) Any time that a town is rapidly approaching orgasm over the entré of a Target, I figure reminders of the importance of shopping locally are necessary.

  7. Hollymead Town Center will have this great restaurant called Bonefish Grille, an Outback Steakhouse concept. I don’t know about the new center “not bringing much to the table,” but this restaurant makes Olive Garden look like a Taco Bell.

  8. What do you think Charlottesville will look like in 20 years? Personally, I feel that if people are so excited about having Target and Bonefish, move to Richmond. There are so many other exciting things about Charlottesville that makes it unique. Who wants it to be like everyplace else?

  9. I know these first round of stores don’t sound too impresive, but remember its just the first part. According to the ‘Progress report the next phase (to be completed by October 2006) is suppoed to be three times as large.
    The point about moving to Richmond if you want all of these stores is a very interesting arguement. I mean don’t people move to Charlottesville because its NOT like other cities? Pro-growthers (I, being one of them) usually argue that retail stores increase the tax base… but if you think about it, would the county need extra tax revenue if the developments never came? Would funds be necessary to widen 29 to airport road if they had stopped developing up that way years back?

  10. We live north of town and are very much looking forward to having Harris Teeter up here. To have a Target here is nice too, instead of having to drive 80 miles (from Earlysville) to Richmond, or up to DC.

    From what I hear, there will eventually be a Crate & Barrel somewhere in town — the wife is quite happy about that. Apparently someone at the Richmond store told her that a “large percentage” of their customers come from C-ville… so it makes sense.

    I don’t think Charlottesville will ever have the population to support a shopping mecca like Richmond or DC but I certainly don’t mind us getting some decent stores. I remember when Circuit City came everyone cried that it would be the end of Crutchfield … but they seem to be doing just fine. Best Buy certainly hasn’t shut them down either. But having choice sure is nice, no matter where you live…

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