Frank Miller Moves Away

munk writes: Acclaimed graphic novelist Frank Miller‘s moving to New York soon, where he’ll continue developing the next Batman film script with Darren Aronofsky (“Pi“), based on Miller’s “Batman: Year One.” Miller is widely known for his “Batman: Dark Knight Returns,” and “Sin City” series.


Grisham Movie Filmed Locally

Charlottesville’s most famous novelist, John Grisham, has announced that his new movie, “Mickey,” will begin filming next month, here in Charlottesville. It will be directed by Hugh Wilson, also a local, and will star none other than Harry Connick, Jr. Hide your wives and girlfriends, gents: we’ve got competition.

New Area Code for the Charlottesville Area

nym writes: Charlottesville and the surrounding area, including most counties due south of Albemarle County all the way down to the North Carolina border, is getting a new Area Code, 434, on June 1st. The Washington Post has a small story on it and there is further information available from the Virginia SCC including this map which nicely outlines the affected area. There will be a permissive dialing period until January 15th, 2002 (either area code will work.) After January 15th, 2002 dialing the new area code will be mandatory (you’ll get a recording if you try to dial using 804.)

434 just isn’t a manly area code. How embarassing.

Review of "The Corner"

The Cavalier Daily has a review of Coy Barefoot’s new book, “The Corner.” It’s a history of UVa student life, complete with stories of cows on the rotunda, the great fire of 1895, and the lyrics to the “Song of the Corner,” from 1915. I’d like to get my hands on a copy. It looks like it would be a good read for both students and locals.

Crozet Over-Developing?

Mary Jane Gore has a great feature piece in this week’s C-Ville, entitled “Trouble in Paradise: Will sprawl overrun Crozet?.” It was a sleepy little town a decade ago, but now it’s edging towards trendy. They got a traffic light a year or so ago, if memory serves. Is endless growth really necessary?



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