7 thoughts on “Grisham Movie Filmed Locally”

  1. You know, I’d been thinking how great it was that Grisham got out of the lawyer rut. But it just occurred to me: “A Painted House,” his new book, is also entirely about baseball. I don’t think that one is based on the other. Maybe he’s hit another rut. Just a different one.

  2. First off, I haven’t actually read it but, as far as I understand, “A Painted House” isn’t all about baseball. At least not directly. It’s set in Arkansas in the 1950’s. The story is about a young boy, Luke, and it chronicles a series of events one summer during the cotton picking season.

  3. Ah yes. Hugh Wilson, director of “Police Academy”, and Harry Connick, Jr. of “Independance Day”. Looks like we’ve got a great film in the works here. ; )

  4. Ahh, come on… you’ve got to admit, he’s amazingly successful. Some authors are literary-minded; they write for art’s sake, for aesthetic value. Many — especially in an age of mass consumerism — are businesspeople. Writing is a job. It’s a well-paying job, too.

    So, let’s call a spade a spade. He knows law and he knows baseball. C’est la vie…

  5. It’s funny, I knew a guy in high school that was an extra on the set of Toy Soldiers that swore that Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton and the other “stars” were complete assholes…

    Just goes to show you, movie stars aren’t necessarily cool, they’re just famous.

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