NPR on Free Speech Monument

NPR‘s All Things Considered had a brief segment about the chalkboard that City Council just approved as Charlottesville’s free speech monument. It’s quite impressive that this story is getting this kind of national attention.

New Station: WHTE

It turns out there’s a new radio station in town. Who knew? It’s 101.9, WHTE, yet another Clear Channel station. Not surprisingly, it’s a top 40 station, but that’s pretty much what Clear Channel does. Why anybody would want to listen to anything aside from WTJU or WNRN is beyond me.

Traffic Woes

The Cav Daily has a pretty good overview of some of the transportation projects under way, like the Meadowcreek Parkway, the trolley, plans for a central bus station, Park Street traffic calming, bike paths, etc. Though some of the facts are wrong (“the population of Charlottesville has grown by 20,000 people in the past 10 years,”) this does provide a thorough look at what’s being planned.

Gilmore Requires Censorware

WINA is reporting that Governor Gilmore has signed a bill into law that requires Internet filters to be put on all school computers. I’ve had my run-ins with censorware, and I’m involved with Peacefire, a group that tries to educate people about what makes censorware so awful, so my feelings are clear. :) George Loper has a great story from the New York Times, explaining how one conservative Republican saw the light. Hopefully, this law will be struck down before long.

Welcome To

I’ve been sitting on this domain long enough that I really need to do something with it. C-Ville finally has some of their content on-line. WINA and Cav Daily have been good about that for a long time. The Daily Progress will eventually become clueful and keep their news for longer than a day. And, of course, George Loper’s site is fantastic. So we’ll link to the best and most useful content on these sites, primarily serving as a central source of discussion of Charlottesville news. I hope.



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