New Station: WHTE

It turns out there’s a new radio station in town. Who knew? It’s 101.9, WHTE, yet another Clear Channel station. Not surprisingly, it’s a top 40 station, but that’s pretty much what Clear Channel does. Why anybody would want to listen to anything aside from WTJU or WNRN is beyond me.

4 Responses to “New Station: WHTE”

  • um…..maybe because we dont like classical music or the top 40 of alt. rock??

  • A good chunk of 18-24 year olds, which is the market that they say they are catering to, really only know Top 40 hits. Especially, in my experience, a vast majority of college students. Since we have a sizable college market, it makes sense that a Top 40 station would pop up sooner or later. There are a lot of folks who can’t deal with the inconsistency of ‘TJU or the jarring repetitiveness of ‘NRN or the good ol’ boys at 3WV etc., etc., etc. The nice thing about radio is, if it’s not your thing, you don’t have to listen to it. Unless of course, they happen to wheel out their van and start attacking your ears (and sensibility) with the sickeningly over produced drivel that is (most) Top 40.

    just my 2c


  • I’d say amen to that, but you are forgetting WMRA. Waldo, I’m surprised, your very own Mother can be heard with her famous stories and cool accent on that station. You should send them a pledge immediately for the oversite (they are having their spring fund drive as we speak:O)

  • Well, I also forgot WVTF, too. :) But MRA is from Harrisonburg, and VTF is in Roanoke, and I was really just thinking about musical kind of stuff.

    OKOK, you’re right, I forgot it. Sorry. :)


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