DMB Concert Too Loud?

According to the AP, some residents think that the April Dave Matthews Band concerts at Scott Stadium will be a little too loud. I’m not aware of a concert ever having been performed at Scott Stadium, but I’m guessing that folks in the neighborhood would be used to football games being pretty loud. What is terribly obnoxious, though, are those terrible new lights they put on during the stadium’s expansion. They can be seen all the way from Stony Point; I’d think that the astronomy department would hate them.

Mixed-Use Development in Fifeville

wrytous writes: According to a prominent local architect, Piedmont Housing Alliance, in conjunction with the City of Charlottesville, has plans to develop the Grove St./9th St. SW/10th St. lot — across from the new Connected Community Technology Center — into a mixed-use retail/residential development. While work has not yet begun, the City appears to be soliciting design proposals. No official word yet from Piedmont’s Executive Director Stu Armstrong or the Fifeville Neighborhood Association President

Joyce S. Henderson.

Is this a good thing? I’m curious what Ms. Henderson will have to say about it.

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