CHS’ Spivey Indicted

CHS choral director Jonathan Spivey was indicted today on seven felony charges of child sexual abuse, the Daily Progress reports this evening. That’s three counts of making indecent sexual propositions and four of sexual abuse, all involving minors. He was accused of “improper sexual contact” by a student in September, prompting his immediate suspension. Chief Longo says that there are multiple alleged victims, not just the one who came forward. Spivey is also the Minister of Music for the Mt. Zion Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir. He will appear in court for the first time on Tuesday.

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  1. Word is that when nbc29 caught up to him on Friday night he was was at the Paramount in the company of a student. If this is true you really have to wonder what it would take for parents to not let their kids alone with this guy. Kind of reminds me of the FUMA teacher who was doing bad things with students then when arrested and convicted a victims family posted the bond and let him come live with them, of course he took of to Mexico to further his teaching career.

  2. Perhaps there would be more discussion here if we shift the conversation from Mr. Spivey, whose fate now rests in the courts, to why we all find it so difficult to address the issue of child sexual abuse. Why don’t we always act on our intuition about child predators? Why don’t we (as a society) seek out and help abused children overcome their damage? And why has Mr. Spivey continued as the Minister of Music at Mt. Zion Church through this investigation and these indictments?

  3. We were at the Paramount on Friday night. Not only was Spivey there, He and his church choir, which he directed, were the whole second half of the show. For those who don’t know, the “show” was a Nationally known Contemporary Christian Group’s Christmas Tour. A CHS student behind us whispered he was being investigated. It was all so bizarre, especially since he was indicted on Thursday. I am with Ducktroller, we as a society have to think of the victims and protecting them.

  4. Wow…well, “concerned” who posted when this first surfaced seemed to know the story. One student…well, perhaps he could deny it, but several..where there’s smoke there’s fire. I can’t believe he was just walking around out in the open – performing – after a story like that came out. I guess keeping a low profile would “look guilty”.

    No defense of him from me, but: I wonder what the alleged abuse consisted of. I’m personally pretty clear that nearly every type of physical contact with a minor/student is probably inappropriate. I wonder if Spivey (or his attorneys) will argue that some kind of questionable touching took place and try to spin it away. I hope that the kids they’ve identified are getting treatment – I’d bet they are, or were at least offered help. If he is an abuser, I’m sure there are kids who didn’t come forward – and might still not – and will not want to seek help or treatment – at least at this time. I would bet there are some who were “willing” participants – an oxymoron I know, but they may see themselves that way, and not wish to see themselves as victims.

    Just my $.02 Jeez, just when things seemed to be settling down a bit for the CCS.

  5. I have a couple of former CHS students in my class at UVa and they were speaking of Spivey/the charges with an air of “yeah, saw that coming.” These were students who were involved in the CHS chorus. They seemed unsurprised.

  6. When I was at CHS (as a student) years ago he always seemed like a really good guy. So I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I can’t believe he was just walking around out in the open – performing – after a story like that came out.

    Until he’s convicted in court I see absolutely no reason he shouldn’t continue to live his life as normally as possible. Until then there still should be the presumption of innocence.

  7. Mr. Spivey has been indicted on 7 felony counts of child sexual abuse. TrvlnMn, if in your mind, “living his life as normally as possible” includes contact with children, I have to disagree in the strongest terms. The school division made the right call putting Mr. Spivey on adminstrative leave when the charges were made.

  8. It was a Christmas concert at a public venue, I seriously doubt children were at risk. An indictment isn’t a conviction. I see absolutely no reason he should have to change his life before he’s convicted in a court of law. The presumption of innocence should be his until then.

  9. The two-part interview on Channel 29 last Friday with one of Mr. Spivey’s alleged abuse victims is deeply troubling on many levels: the abuse is said to have occurred at CHS; the implication that there are other victims, not yet identified; the implication that Mr. Spivey’s position in society (as a teacher and choir director at Mt. Zion Church) protected him from serious investigation all these years; and the very disturbing description of how our school division handled this particular charge of child abuse in the spring of 2001: the young man says he was called into the principal’s office at CHS (Bobby Thompson was principal then) and questioned in front of Mr. Spivey–and was too frightened to tell the truth, so the matter was dropped. Was Mr. Thompson following procedure when he questioned this young man in front of Mr. Spivey? Why weren’t the young man’s parents present at this interview? (Were they ever informed?) Have there been other accusations of abuse (regarding Mr. Spivey or other teachers in Charlottesville) handled in a similar manner?

    It is comforting to know that justice appears to have finally been served in this case, but the long history of allegations against Mr. Spivey suggest that our school division has not adequately protected our children. I hope that the School Board (with Dr. Edwards recusing himself) will look into this.

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