Fireball Over C’ville

A big ol’ fireball hurtled through the air sometime between 8:20pm and 8:30pm this evening, Morgan McLeod reports. It sounds crazy, but Morgan also reported last year’s fireballs, not to be confused with the 2001 fireball that turned out to be a Russian rocket falling to the ground.

Did anybody else spot this? It’ll be interesting to figure out if this was a meteor, space junk, or what.

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  1. Let’s consider this somewhat of a test post since this is the first time I’ve been able to log in since before last Halloween (not that I’ve been trying all that hard.) As I said to Waldo, I was facing into two streetlights when I saw it to the east so either A) that sucker was bright, or B) it was something else entirely.


  2. I saw it too. Looking from around the end of Locust Ave it was toward Rivanna River. My wife and I were getting into the car. She didn’t notice it, but I said to her… “What the…. did you see that? It was either a firework, a meteor, or a shooting star.”

    It was yellow in color, and kind of big (bigger than a shooting star would look). I kind of saw it out of the corner of my eye, and it was through some trees. My impression was that it was some kind of firework or flare.

    I would have forgotten about it, but then I popped on here to get my weekly dose of cville news only to see there was an entry about it. Weird.

  3. A New Jersey blogger reports seeing it at 8:45pm, but that’s the only other reference that I can find. Assuming it’s the same thing, I imagine we’ll have some press coverage on Friday. (It always takes a couple of days for media outlets to comprehend the existence of fireballs, minor earthquakes, and tornadoes.)

    For those — like me — who missed it, check out this great footage of just such a fireball streaking across the skies of Mexico five days ago.

  4. I think we’re missing the essence of this story. The headline shouldn’t be “Fireball over Cville,” it should be “Morgan McLeod Target of Alien Fireball Conspiracy.”

  5. Yes, I saw it too. Standing on my deck about 3 miles down Stony Point Road facing South East….it was off to the left. Can’t remember what time it was…but 8 or 8:30 sound right. Came down slow like a flare. Nothing like any shooting star I’ve ever seen.

  6. “krasota Says: The AMS encourages citizens to report fireball sightings.”

    Done! Included in the remarks. They say it will take some time before it shows up on their log.


  7. Does anyone want to help the mainstream media pick it up on Thursday instead of Friday. Just about to head into the station and saw this thread. Pretty interesting. I don’t suppose anyone has pictures or video. Please e-mail me if you saw this fireball: Thanks!

  8. Not meteor, shooting star, or anything of that nature.

    That was just George Allen’s Presidential abmitions, going down in flames.

  9. Begin forwarded message:

    From: “Robert Lunsford”
    Date: September 29, 2006 2:55:30 PM EDT
    To: Morgan McLeod
    Subject: Re: AMS Fireball Report

    Congratulations on your rare fireball sighting! We appreciate
    you taking the time to report this object to the American
    Meteor Society. Your summarized report may now be
    viewed on the AMS webpage at:

    Your event is #314a for 2006. So far there are 2 other reports
    of this same object. Please check the table again in a few days
    to see if any other witnesses of your event have been posted.

    Clear Skies,

    Robert Lunsford
    American Meteor Society

  10. Sorry, folks. This was my fault and I apologize. I was looking up at the sky and I let my mind wander, forgot my self-control and once again unleashed a ball of flames from my eyes.

    I realize that I need to be more careful with this gift or curse, depending on how you look at it. It is true that I’ve gone about a year since the last incident and have really gotten better with my focus generally. But I admit that there is no excuse for even an occasional lapse, which could have proven fatal had I been looking at or below the horizon.

    In the future I pledge only to use my powers for the forces of good.

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