Fire in the Sky

WTOP reports that throughout the northern half of Virginia, people spotted a bright pair of fireballs in the sky on Halloween night. The first raced across the sky around 6:30, the second 9:15. They were described as being as bright as the full moon, and were spotted as far south as Charlottesville. Did any of y’all see ’em?

I was out with my telescope that night, admiring the dust storms on Mars, but that was around 11:00, so I missed the fun.

One thought on “Fire in the Sky”

  1. I got this e-mail from Morgan, who had trouble logging in:

    I saw one of the meteor/fireballs.

    I think it was the 6:15.
    I had just stepped out on my back porch in SW Cville so it was quite surprising to see.
    The meteor was very bright and fell from straight above to the western horizon.

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