Fireball Sweeps over C’ville

There have been reports from New York to Virginia of a fireball sweeping over the east coast around dawn this morning. On WINA‘s 10:30 news update, they reported that they’d received a number of calls from baffled Charlottesvillians who had seen the large, slow-moving comet-like light during their morning commute. The Naval Observatory reports that it was most likely a large meteor moving northward from Virginia until it burned up in the atmosphere. Update 3:13pm: Turns out it was a Russian rocket that had been orbiting Earth since 1975.

2 thoughts on “Fireball Sweeps over C’ville”

  1. it was a russian rocket booster burning up in the atmosphere according to national news reports

  2. Russian rockets!?

    Why, oh why did they stop teaching duck and cover?

    This is precisely why we need a national missle defence shield!


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