C-Ville on Latino Population

If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to pick up this week’s C-Ville Weekly to read Mary Jane Gore‘s “New Faces in Town,” an impressively-lengthy article about the area’s burgeoning Latino population. For various reasons, the local Latino population is largely ignored by businesses, the media, and even much of the general public. Gore explores who makes up the Latino population, and what contributions that they’re making to Central Virginia.

One thought on “C-Ville on Latino Population”

  1. The Latino population being here is wonderful for all sorts of different reasons. Don’t get me wrong by zoning in in the local food industry, but has anyone noticed the enormous difference in food quality and service between Baja Bean and Baja Rapido? Same company, but Baja Rapido staffs Latinos. The food is so much better, *and* unlike the Baja Bean, the staff isn’t rude to you. I think the Latinos are bringing a sort of 50’s style common courtesy back into our community. Not that everyone was rude to each other before or anything, but these people are really nice! Charlottesville is all the better for them being here.

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