Guest Bloggers Moving In

From tomorrow until Sunday the 11th, I will be turning the site over to a pair of guest bloggers: Cari, of Drunk on Democracy, and Duane Gran. Cari is a fourth-year at UVa and one of my favorite bloggers. Duane has been a reader and poster (username: “ragnar”) since the site’s earliest days, and is much smarter than me. I read each of their blogs daily, as I have for a long time, and I think y’all will enjoy their writing as much as I do.

I have asked them, simply, to write about Charlottesville. Outside of that, they’re welcome to ignore how I have long done things. Maybe they’ll write essays, maybe they’ll spend their time linking to Charlottesville blogs, maybe they’ll upload videos of interpretive dance about Sally Hemmings. I have no idea. And that’s what I like about it. I’ve long considered having other people contribute to the site, and made no secret that I feel the weakest part of this site is that I run it, so I look forward to the results of this experiment.

I leave for the Outer Banks on Friday. My fiancee and I will be wed there on Sunday, and spend a week vacationing. I won’t have the faintest idea of what’s going on on the internets, so y’all play nice.

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