Whole Foods Moving

OK, I know I said I wouldn’t be posting for a couple of weeks, but I couldn’t resist this before I sign off. On Whole Foods’ website, I happened to stumble across a listing of their soon-to-be-open stores. Under Virginia, they list:

Whole Foods Market
US Route 29 & Hydraulic
Charlottesville, VA
55,000 sq. ft.
Relocation. Opening date to be announced.

So, would that be at the K-Mart shopping center, or Albemarle Place? I wonder if Shoppers World could survive the loss of their anchor — given their other tenants, I suspect it would be tough.

OK, back to packing for the honeymoon…

2 thoughts on “Whole Foods Moving”

  1. I happen to know the inner dealing of Whole Foods. The relocation has been talked about for over 2 years. It was to be behind Blockbusters there, but nothing is more uncertain, including relocation to Richmond west. Of course, they may open 2 stores, one here, one in Richmond. That would be smart as the customers are certainly begging for it.

    The current Shopper’s World store is in far worse condition than people realize. I’ll leave it at that…

  2. It’s about damn time. I would go to Whole Foods almost every day if they weren’t way up Rt. 29. Moving at least a little closer to town is a smart move.

    Speaking of that intersection, a Home Depot would do really well on the site of the old Terrace Triple, IMHO.

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