Water St. Parking Lot for Sale

We recently witnessed the closure of the last free downtown parking lot, which took a chunk out of the ever-dwindling available on-street free spaces. Today comes the news that Charlottesville Parking Center (a private corporation) is negotiating to sell their open lot on Water Street, which would remove another 125 parking spaces from the paid pool of spaces. (David Hendrick and John Yellig write about it in today’s Daily Progress.) The lot is assessed at $7M, so a sale is certainly the right thing for the corporation, but not so great for parking downtown.

Bob Stroh, manager of CPC lots, points out that there are generally about 100 spaces free in the Water Street parking garage (with Market St. often near or at capacity). That sounds good, except that this would still be a net loss of 25 paid spaces, and doesn’t allow for growth. With the amphitheater having their grand opening on Saturday night, 3,800 people are about to start wanting a place to park. I don’t think those 25 spaces are going to do it.

I got a parking ticket for no apparent reason today, parking in the metered lot on Water Street, so perhaps I’m just in a bad parking mood.

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