On-Street Parking Victory for Citizens

Attorney and downtown resident Jock Yellott chalked up a victory for the parking public this week, with City Council’s passage of an amendment to the parking ordinance which will involve the public in changes made to on-street parking. A year ago, the sheriff’s office took over some parking in Court Square, in a manner that appeared illegal, so Yellott gathered the legal ammunition to convince Council to require much more obvious public notice and citizen involvement before any removal of or modification of any on-street parking in the city. John Yellig has the story in today’s Progress.

One thought on “On-Street Parking Victory for Citizens”

  1. "the sheriff’s office took over some parking in Court ………………"

    Possibly for the horse patrol, establishment of which was a part of the Sheriff`s platform during his first term election bid (I hope I`m right on this).

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