Gilmore, Hamm & Snyder to Close

After 80 years of business, C’ville furniture business Gilmore, Hamm & Snyder is shutting down this month. Owner Greg Hamm died of cancer earlier this year, and his wife, Ann, just can’t do it alone. Of its history, Annie Johnson writes in today’s Daily Progress:

Gilmore, Hamm & Snyder was created in 1925 when Strothers F. Hamm and William H. Snyder became partners in a furniture business with John Gilmore, who had founded the business in 1902. The company moved to its current location in Seminole Square from the Downtown Mall in 1989, seeking a better space to display furniture.

The store is closed now, but it will reopen on Friday morning, selling off all of their furniture and they close down.

I wonder if there are any future Gilmore, Hamm & Snyders just now starting up, companies that we’ll look back on fondly in 2085, or if the rise of niche megacorporations in the past few decades has made such companies a thing of the past.

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