Another Public Parking Lot Sold

writes: Apparently, the City of Charlottesville has quietly sold the last of the free downtown public parking lots. The two-hour lot at the corner of Water St. & 5th St. SE was sold last August, according to the Charlottesville Police Dept. Although city signs limiting parking to 2 hours remain posted, the police department is no longer permitted to ticket vehicles that are parked there overtime, nor will they ticket or tow the vehicles that double and triple park there on a daily basis.

Hey, free parking!

8 thoughts on “Another Public Parking Lot Sold”

  1. Free parking is great for now… But what are they going to do with the lot.

    The failure of the city council to effect a consolidated parking plan for downtown is a complete disgrace. Who’s paying attention to this?

  2. it’s going to be an apartment building with underground parking


    Why do you think they made the parking garage bigger?

  3. It hasn’t happened that “quietly.” There were two stories about it at the time in the Progress, at least.

    I know the paper doesn’t archive, but trust me, the stories were there.

  4. Except that, if memory serves, it was two summers ago, around the same time as the 10th and Market property was sold — they were in the same Progress story, I think. Though my mind could just be clouded from all the exciting land acquisitions.

  5. The City has found a loophole that allows it to enforce the 2 hour time limit again. Warning tickets were issued Monday April 1 and 2, fines were handed out April 3. Parker beware!

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