UVa Attacks: What About the Victims?

Several people submitted stories about the Daily Progress’ two articles this weekend. One person writes, “The Saturday story clarifies a lot of factual mistakes that the police have been perpetuating for weeks. The second, on Sunday, details many of the victims’ serious injuries. It also quotes several victims wondering why the city establishment seems to be ignoring them and running to help their attackers. How about some predictions: since these stories don’t follow Maurice Jones’ party line, can we expect more public-access propaganda labeling them sensationalism?” Writes another, “If these people were the victim of rape the uproar for the lack of concern for victims would be at an national outrage. The city officials seem to be serious about the criminals not the victims.” Each Progress story contains new and interesting information about the attacks. If you haven’t read them, be certain to get your hands on a copy.

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