Dumler Recall Petition Signers Named

The Scottsville Weekly has published the list of everybody in the Scottsville precinct who signed the public petition advocating for a judicial recall of Supervisor Chris Dumler. The Democrat pleaded guilty to sexual battery in January. Earl Smith, of Keene, circulated the petition, getting nearly 600 signatures. The intention is for the court to remove Dumler from office, under Virginia ยง 24.2-233, for “incompetence in the performance of duties has a material adverse effect upon the conduct of the office.” It’s a legal long-shot A notable inclusion on the list is Lindsay Dorrier, who held the Scottsville seat prior to Dumler.

6 thoughts on “Dumler Recall Petition Signers Named”

  1. it would be interesting to see a breakdown of party affiliations of folks who signed this petition, to learn whether the move is broad based or partisan.

  2. blockhead, while that sounds like an interesting exercise, I wonder if it would, in any way, alter the legitimacy of the petition? So what if it were just republicans that were seeking to have Dumler removed for his sexual battery conviction and democrats were lining up behind him?

    Certainly, the party affiliation of the petitioners in no way would change the legality of the petition, but what would the partisan identifications actually reveal? That democrats will stand up for sexual batterers? That republicans will use someone’s conviction for sexual battery as a reason to remove him for office?

    There isn’t really a way to deconstruct this story without acknowledging that those who support Dumler are more tolerant of sexual battery.

  3. Just saying…, I just gotta say: I’m deeply ambivalent about this and I am in no way more tolerant of sexual battery. I’ve been deeply conflicted about this particular incident, or series of incidents. The sheer pragmatism of pleading this out as a misdemeanor, rather than running the risk of a conviction of a felony, and it is a risk, may be just that: pragmatism.

    In my bones, I know that rape is hideous: it happened to me two decades ago. In my mind & bones, I know that people are no more inclined to mis-report a rape than they are to mis-report a burglary. I know.

    What I don’t know is that sexual battery actually happened. I don’t know that because it wasn’t reported for several weeks. No physical evidence: she reported too late.

    So when you say I’m ‘more tolerant of sexual battery’, you lie. Deeply. I’m not certain. If I were Dumbler, looking at the options, I’d have pleaded down, too. If I were the woman, I’d have called the police sooner, you know, like the day it happened, so there could be some — any — physical evidence for the police to use. We can know I’d do that by the way I behaved two decades ago.

    I don’t know. You don’t know. You assume, and blame me while you’re doing it. INSANE! Letter of the law, spirit of the law: I seriously don’t know which way to jump here: but I know I don’t know and acknowledge same: you condemn.

    Not well done, sir. Not well done.

  4. Is there a back story about why the Scottsville Weekly took the time to transpose and publish this list? I see journalistic interest in the fact that Dorrier signed. But to publish the entire list, including addresses and phone numbers, seems gratuitous from my distant perspective and leaves me to wonder if there’s more to their decision.

    As of now, the list seems to be of highest value to telemarketers and robo-call programmers (particularly the easy to database .txt format).

  5. Well, I think it’s not controversial to say that IF you don’t want Dumler off of the BOS, then you ARE tolerant of having a man who has been convicted of sexual battery on the BOS.

    That’s pretty cut and dry.

    You can split as many hairs as you want, but I don’t see how you can deny the first sentence in my comment.

    As for you choosing to be ambivalent about the accusation, that’s your choice. You can claim that I don’t know what happened, and you can choose to profess ignorance as well.

    I don’t know if Blockhead’s original question regarding partisanship is at play here or not. I know I want him removed based on what I’ve heard and what I’m able to intuit about who is telling the truth, and I’ve never voted republican in my life.

    You are perfectly free to make your own decision, of course. I’m sorry if I’m too strident in condemning those that are on the other side of this issue.

  6. A lot of the names and addresses that I recognize on that list also have Republican yard signs during election seasons.

    I’m happy to let Mr Dumler finish out his term, while urging the local Democratic party to start looking for a different candidate to run after his term expires.

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