Five Democratic Council Candidates in All

There will be a total of five Democrats on the ballot for two nominations for City Council seats in the June primary, Graelyn Brashear reports for C-Ville Weekly. The candidates are incumbent Kristin Szakos; AHS teacher Wes Bellamy, who moved to Charlottesville three years ago; UVA student Adam Lees; middle school teacher, local man, and nephew of Charles Barbour, Melvin Grady; and three-time candidate, independent-turned-Democrat Bob Fenwick. The primary is on June 11.

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  1. NOT ON TOPIC: Waldo, congratulations on retaining both parental units in the wake of the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

    I’m waiting to make sure all my Bostonian cousins are safe. Heard about your parents being OK on local radio.

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