Dumler Pleads Guilty to Sexual Battery

Supervisor Chris Dumler pleaded guilty to sexual battery this morning, Courteney Stuart writes for The Hook, with the 27-year-old Democratic official pleading to a 12-month sentence, suspended to 60 days, liable to only serve 30, just on the weekends. He was arrested on charges of forcible sodomy in October, and faced accusations from a second victim just last week, dating to 2006.

One has to imagine that this will be followed by Dumler’s resignation from the Board of Supervisors. It’s tough to see how somebody can plead guilty to a sex crime and remain in elected office. If he hasn’t already decided to step down, he’s bound to come under a great deal of pressure to do so, and soon.

15 thoughts on “Dumler Pleads Guilty to Sexual Battery”

  1. You would think that he might resign but:
    Dumler says, “One of the reasons I took this plea was so I could get right back to work for the people of the Scottsville district. This in no way precludes me from continuing to serve and I look forward to getting back to work on the board and for the citizens who elected me to represent their interests.”

  2. Americans and Brits fly oceans, climb mountains, and sit in uncomfortable positions long days for many months to hear the truth drip from the lips of the gurus of India. Yet Indian authorities have charged at least six members of India’s state legislatures with rape and 36 other local politicians for crimes against women including sexual abuse and assault.

    Two members of India’s national Parliament have been charged for sexual abuse and assault.

    Jagdeep Chhokar, a retired professor and a founder of the body doing this study, said the number of politicians in India’s 552-member national lower house of Parliament who are facing criminal charges, including rape, has increased by a third since 2009 to 162 lawmakers.

    So thinking that Chris Dumler should leave office because women turned on him after consenting to ordinary debauchery, probably because they were angling for marriage and didn’t get it, is ridiculous.

  3. Council, how many of these Indian office holders have plead guilty to sexual battery? Being charged is one thing, pleading guilty to a crime is another.

    And what does it matter what happens in India anyway? Because there are some wise Indian gurus, all Indians should be presumed to be superior to their British and American counterparts?

    If Mr. Dumler was innocent, as the court presumed him to be, he did himself no favors in his plea. The man is a member of the bar, is he not? One should therefore assume he knew what he was doing when he walked into the courtroom that day. He must have decided that pleading guilty was the best option for him. I think your assumptions look absolutely ridiculous in light of this.

  4. Its ok. Calm down. You’re in a safe space now.

    Show me, on the doll, where the councilman touched you.

  5. It seems the only thing holding Dumler up is the support he’s receiving from his colleagues on the Board, Mrs. Mallek & Mr. Rooker. Although I have no evidence to substantiate this opinion, it is my belief they find their task of supporting him unpleasant & distasteful, but they feel like their obligation to their constituents demands they don’t throw Dumler under the bus and subsequently fall victim to a litany of 3-2 votes on important matters. It’s politics (not a dirty word here), and everyone should understand that.

    What I wish would happen is some sort of handshake deal b/t Mallek & Rooker on one side and Boyd, Thomas, & Snow on the other. The Democrats pull their support from Dumler in exchange for the Republicans agreeing that once he resigns no votes will be taken on 3-2 matters until a special election is held and a 6th Board member seated.

    This would preserve the status quo balance of power while removing the giant stain from the Board of Supervisors. I find it incredibly galling that a goddamn sex offender sits on the highest elected body in the county and believe that, in the absence of the clueless, arrogant Dumler doing the right thing and going away on his own, it is the responsibility of the remaining five members to find a solution to this outrageous & untenable situation themselves. Surely there is room for some sort of compromise,

  6. It would be interesting to know what purpose Mr. Dumler thinks he can serve by remaining on the Board. He gave up his Eagle Scout badge for a lesser issue. Why wouldn’t he do a similar action by resigning from the Board now that he’s been convicted for sexual assault?

  7. The reason he is not resigning is he needs the money. Simple….Sad, but I believe this to be true. He needs to get off the BOS NOW…NOW

  8. It is true that Dragas tried to screw someone, but in this case there would seem to be a difference. And while we do not know all the details of Drumlers stuff it would seem to me that if completely innocent, he would wish to clear his name…

  9. You know what percentage of sexual assault victims turn out to be falsifying their claims? It’s pretty much the exact same percentage as the number of people who falsely claim to be victims of other kinds of crimes.

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