6 thoughts on “Norris Won’t Seek Reelection”

  1. Wonder if the new primary method had him worried or is it still customary for the city dems to be done after 2 terms. You know so everyone gets a chance to play just like in little league;)

  2. He is directly responsible for local tax dollar being used to supplant federally funded Section 8 vouchers at Norris Hall at 4th and Preston. The funding is for four vouchers provided to Habitat. He is also pushing hard for doubling the amount of subsidized housing in the city on public housing sites. This will be done primarily out of local funds. This is housing that the locality will be responsible for subsidizing millions for decades. The City will be subsidizing Norris Hall at 4th and Preston for 40 years. Under his watch, the City of Charlottesville has become the Mecca for the neediest people in central VA. He has helped to craft a method of extorting money for subsized housing from developers through demanding proffers for the Charlottesville Housing Fund. Sane? Are you saying there’s method to his madness? I anticipate Mr. Norris’ rebuttal. This what he says for himself.

  3. He’d have won any kind of a primary in Charlottesville, surely as the top vote-getter. He’s very popular, the most popular Democrat on Council in many years.

  4. yes, Waldo. He has bought many a vote with taxpayers’ money. Never in the City’s history has so much money been given to so many different groups. Every year more and more groups are requesting City money (you don’t see many of them asking the County for anything). He has also spent countless hours going to meetings of various groups expressing sympathy and even complete agreement (I remember the Occupy debacle in the park). Now he has hit a roadblock with some of the homeless advocates, Occupiers, developers, and educators because he won’t come out in favor of spending $46M on putting offices in Walker. Yes, I agree with you. It is easy to get re-elected when you are doling it out to all who asks. If you really want to see him in action. Watch Matters By The Public at the CRHA meetings in Sept, Oct, and Nov. Although this is information readily available to the public, most voters in Cville are totally unaware how enabling he has been for bad governance. I hope and pray that he will never been appointed to that board again.

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