7 thoughts on “Dumler Again Accused of Sexual Assault”

  1. The death of a 1000 cuts or much ado about a misdemeanor? I have thought for some time that Dumler will plead to a non felony but go to trial for anything else. He might as well go to trial if there is no misdemeanor plea because his law career will be over, he would be dishonorably discharged from the JAG corps and then be dismissed from the Board of Supervisors if he’s convicted of a felony.

    His political career is, of course, over. Even if he wins a trial some will think he got “taken care of”.

  2. This is strange in the day and age of sex abuse allegations and rape charges being OK for adults to make — that there would be a three-month gap between two allegations. It also is strange in the day and age of Republicans in Virginia trying by any means necessary to get rid of Democrats and to redistrict in such a way as to save their tenuous hold on the “hearts and minds” of folks in the reformed slave state. I can’t figure it out with the limited amount of information available, but I will say that I have spent a long career believing all credible claims of sexual assault (feminist activist, 18 years, lecturer and panel leader for the US Public Health Service more than 2 dozen times), that I have known Chris Dumler for approximately 3 years, and that this doesn’t make much sense to me. I also know that a significant and prestigious team includes at least one nationally recognized expert working pro bono. We shall see.

  3. I am trying to parse your comment, Malisha, and it puzzles (and troubles) me.

    It doesn’t make sense that someone you know would be accused of sexual assault? The “significant and prestigious team includes at least one nationally recognized expert working pro bono”, would that team be the New York Yankees?

    It sounds like you’re implying that because Dumler is a Democrat, these accusations must be drummed up by the Republicans. You couldn’t possible be saying that, could you? Are you really so quick to throw an alleged sexual assault victim under the bus due to partisan loyalty? Do you have any information whatsoever that these allegations are not credible?

    Prominent people commit crimes but are more likely to get away with them. This often is due to the assumption of other prominent people that someone like themselves simply couldn’t be guilty of such a thing. In a word: Hogwash.

    The fact that Mr. Dumler would have a “significant and prestigious” attorney, even one working pro bono, certainly does not in any way affect the material facts of the case.

  4. Dumler gets 30 days for sexual battery after pleading to a misdemeanor. He will serve his time on weekends. Don’t know if he will have to register as a sex offender. This plea also looks to take care of the 2nd victims accusations as well.

    Dumler did the only thing he could do and keep his seat and his law license. The JAG core will let him go for this- don’t know if it will be honorable or dishonorable but I would bet the latter, “conduct unbecoming of an officer”. Curious to see if anyone will ask him publicly to resign from the Board of Supervisors.

    The victim was quite brave to come forward-I hope this gives her some sense of closure and allows her to heal. My prayers go out to her this day

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