Cavalier Daily Reducing to Twice-Weekly

A year after eliminating their Friday edition, the Cavalier Daily plans to print just two issues each week, Nieman Journalism Lab reports. Beginning with the fall term, they’ll print a “newsmagazine” on Monday and Thursday. The rest of the week they’ll be online-only. While this saves the paper a huge amount of money, since their major cost is printing, it also eliminates their major source of revenue—print advertising. The shift also surely reflects the reality how UVA students expect to receive news, which is via Twitter, Facebook, websites, etc. Last year’s Dragas/Sullivan saga proved to be an ideal opportunity for the publication’s staffers to embrace digital media, and their Facebook page, Twitter feed, and website quickly became essential sources of information for the many thousands of people trying to keep up with the fast-emerging story over the course of many weeks.

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