Dumler Claims Conspiracy

Scottsville Supervisor Chris Dumler says that a pair of exes are conspiring against him, Samantha Koon writes on the Daily Progress’ unfortunate new website. Dumler was arrested a month ago on charges of forcible sodomy; in a court filing, he contends that he had a wholly consensual sexual relationship with the woman, who collaborated with an ex-girlfriend of Dumler’s in subsequently claiming that he raped her. Police have seized records showing Dumler and his accuser discussing their relationship.

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  • perlogik says:

    Why is the new progress website so unfortunate? At least they have removed the pay wall.

    As for Dumler can he claim sensitive info on a county owned iPad? I would think not. He may have attorney/client issues on his laptop but if he’s keeping sensitive government/military stuff on it isn’t that a security breach? Can’t the authorities just use the info gather that is germane to the case and ignore the other files?

    Sorry for all the questions but excluding the info on the computer in this case seems like it’s going to be a central issue. Otherwise why fight to exclude?

  • the boss of me says:

    “an wholly” ?

    I’d suggest “a wholly,” but then…

  • Barboursville C'ville says:

    Dumb man Dumler, it’s clear,
    Approached his GF from the rear.
    He says, ’twas consensual;
    I’d guess the eventual
    Outcome will be all butt-clear.

  • Why is the new progress website so unfortunate? At least they have removed the pay wall.

    They’ve switched to yet another URL scheme, breaking every link to their site ever made anywhere on the internet (except to their homepage). Their new URLs have no meaningful information in them, and use comically long unique IDs (e.g., “a8973fd8-304d-11e2-9f55-001a4bcf6878”), which are long enough to provide unique URLs for 1,532,495,540,865,888,858,358,347,027,150,309,183,618,739,122,183,602,176 articles. That’s a number so large that it dwarfs the number of atoms in our galaxy. They promote new stories by writing “NEW” in black text on a brown background, which is almost impossible to read (seriously). Pages are slow to load because they’re enormous (loading one article page requires 197 files). I could go on. :) True, the paywall is gone, but it’s not at all clear to me that’s intentional. After switching to this new CMS, they appear to be gradually re-adding features. It would be great if that feature didn’t return, but that would seem to run counter to Warren Buffett’s stated opinions on the matter.

    “an wholly” ?

    I’d suggest “a wholly,” but then…

    I’m not sure why I wrote that. :-/ It’s logically accurate (“w” is acting as a vowel here) while simultaneously clearly wrong. Fun with grammar!

  • city resident says:

    Waldo, I am in complete agreement about the abysmal website.
    When I click on the link here for the Daily Progress this is what I get

    404 error
    Sorry, the page you requested could not be found. Try searching the site:
    Or try the advanced search.

    This has got to be the worst news website I have ever seen !

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