Radio Ad for City’s 200th Anniversary Celebration

Remember the soggy 50-year-old time capsule that was opened in March? The audio recording within it was somehow recovered and, courtesy of the Albemarle County Historical Society, here’s the recording: a cheesy radio commercial titled “Let Freedom Ring” promoting the event celebrating the city’s 200th anniversary. It’s aged relatively well; it could have aired on WINA in the early nineties without sounding out of place.

Speaking of which, doesn’t WINA have an amazing collection of audio tapes of news events from over the past 30–50 years? How do we get Saga Communications to surrender those things, since surely Saga couldn’t give a damn about them, to be properly digitized, indexed, and stored? UVA’s Special Collections would probably be psyched to have them.

6 thoughts on “Radio Ad for City’s 200th Anniversary Celebration”

  1. Wasn’t the capsule opened in May? Anyway, it’d be nice to hear those ads out of curiosity played publicly once more before permanently retiring such to whichever archive.

  2. We (the news room) have saved all of them, that’s a good idea. It would be a massive project.

    That would be amazing. And very do-able, I think. The Miller Center has digitized enormous quantities of audio tapes over the years, for instance, so there’s knowledge of how to do that in town. Imagine making all of that stuff searchable and listenable online! What a treasure trove.

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