VA Supreme Court to Hear YMCA Case in June

The Supreme Court is finally taking up the lawsuit seeking to halt construction of the YMCA in McIntire Park, Sean Tubbs reports for Charlottesville Tomorrow. Two years ago, ACAC, Gold’s Gym, and Total Performance Sports & Fitness filed a pair of lawsuits against the city and the county, alleging that the municipalities failed to follow standard bidding practices when they awarded the Young Men’s Christian Association a $1/year ground lease to build an aquatic facility in the park, along with $3.3M for construction costs. The project has been on hold as a result. It was August of last year when the Supreme Court of Virginia agreed to hear the case, and is finally going to do so June 7, with a decision due in the summer.

2 thoughts on “VA Supreme Court to Hear YMCA Case in June”

  1. Funny how city government went gaga over improved pool size benefitting Charlottesville High School but against the “in perpetuity” spirit McIntire Park was bequeathed. So, where now is the “Save McIntire Park” crowd upon this? Are they going to fill the state supreme court’s audience gallery on June 7th? Maybe they too, along with the fight the dam group, have consolidated and incorporated into this new organization called “open government alliance?” Come out, come out!

    “…..lawsuits against the city and county, alleging that the municipalities to follow standard bidding practices……..” Cough, cough, hack cough – Rick Barrick – cough!

    Though it may not bring in an Aquatic Fitness Facility, Meadowcreek Parkway does mean more access addition to McIntire Park. Oh sorry, there’s that pesky “in perpetuity” hitch there again also. Pretty soon we’ll have whatever businesses of the entire city so fenced-in, that only business could be conducted from the grave. All the Park and Rec space a lone partier might ever want to stroll and nothing else to distract the viewshed.

    Spoiler alert. I hear Oakwood Cemetery has reach capacity.

    Back into the pool. “The project has been on hold as a result.” See, who claims our government here doesn’t care and wants nada done. Yeah, the same old slick nothing electorally packaged as something. Besides after this perhaps, the YMCA would be better off buddy-pairing with the “Boys and Girls Club in the same brick and mortar venue? Who’s to say? A judge as soon as potentially 2 weeks.

  2. Based on the legal issues, namely the city and county’s desire for non profit only bids, I’d say the Y will win. The group should have sued on the grounds that tax payer money via the city and county will be propping up a religious organization. There will be a lot of our tax dollars paying for the space and associated resources required.

    It’s sad to see this happen to the park. And what’s sad is the Y will fail at this location just like they’ve failed at all their other locations. Maybe the city and county should have held out for some Trump towers instead. Joke. Sort of. Sigh.

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