State Signs Off on Biscuit Run Land Swap

You might recall that Habitat for Humanity had proposed swapping some land with Biscuit Run to establish athletic fields, but doing so required that the General Assembly authorized the Department of Conservation and Recreation to make the exchange. Del. David Toscano introduced just such a bill, HB1113, and it passed the General Assembly yesterday. There’s no reason to think that Governor Bob McDonnell will veto it. That means that Albemarle County and DCR will be free to negotiate a land swap with Habitat, creating a six-acre park adjacent to Southwood Mobile Home Park.

3 thoughts on “State Signs Off on Biscuit Run Land Swap”

  1. The abstruse affair that is Biscuit
    Engenders these sub-deals to fix it.
    While H for Humanity
    Perhaps lends some sanity,
    The kid on the soccer field kicks it.

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