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State Signs Off on Biscuit Run Land Swap

You might recall that Habitat for Humanity had proposed swapping some land with Biscuit Run to establish athletic fields, but doing so required that the General Assembly authorized the Department of Conservation and Recreation to make the exchange. Del. David Toscano introduced just such a bill, HB1113, and it passed the General Assembly yesterday. There’s no reason to think that Governor Bob McDonnell will veto it. That means that Albemarle County and DCR will be free to negotiate a land swap with Habitat, creating a six-acre park adjacent to Southwood Mobile Home Park.

Athletic Fields May Be Incorporated into Biscuit Run

As Biscuit Run State Park starts to take shape south of town, one of the uses that some county residents would like to see is the provision of athletic fields. Unfortunately, the state doesn’t provide such thingsā€”it’s the job of localities, which aren’t allowed to build them in state parks. A proposed land swap might solve the problem, Brian Wheeler reports for Charlottesville Tomorrow, thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville. The non-profit owns the 100-acre Southwood Mobile Home Park, directly adjacent to Biscuit Run, and they figure they can donate thirteen acres to Biscuit Run in exchange for being given thirteen back. Then they’d take seven of those and provide them as a proffer to the county in exchange for permission to increase the density of housing in Southwood. All of this requires sign-off from the county, the General Assembly, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation, but there’s nothing extraordinary about the request, so it’s well within the realm of the possible.