7 thoughts on “Shoppers World Plans Unveiled”

  1. My daughters are doing backflips. My wife is trying as well, although it looks more like old school breakdancing.

  2. Steinmart is another low-end retailer of clothing and knick-knacks, while DSW is perhaps most famous for having their in-store wireless network compromised some years ago (they didn’t bother to encrypt the signal to and from the cash registers), and then trying to cover it up.

  3. What an incredible lack of vision and inspiration. It’s odd that when you go to Federal Realty’s Website you see all these great mixed-use walkable developments. Why is it then that we here in Albemarle always get the same boring sprawltropolis? (Despite having a comprehensive plan that calls for “neighborhood model” development.) You’d think people would want to develop shopping centers where you actually visit more than one store…

  4. Isn’t DSW similar to Super Shoes, which is already in that shopping center? I’d never heard of Steinmart either–I’m guessing it’s another version of Marshalls? Uninspired choices for an already boring shopping center.

  5. Lonnie the footprint of this shopping center is staying exactly the same- this is little more than a facelift. Since there is no new construction changing the position of buildings they are exempt from the neighborhood model

  6. Daughter sez Supershoes=Kmart and DSW=Macys. Heck if I know.

    As to the security breach, we got nailed in that. Badly. Wife and I buying a bunch of furniture with credit card and suddenly the staff starts acting hinky and whispering etc. Turns out they not only did not notify everyone but they held back forever and my card came back with a big “FRAUDULENT USER,” on the receipt.


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