3 thoughts on “100k in Albemarle”

  1. I saw the title in my RSS reader and thought there was an upcoming ultra-marathon in the area.

  2. This could have a potential ramification. Annexation might not be one given the current state legislative moratorium but… if it were, once a neigboring jurisdiction (i.e. county) passes some level of population there’s an immunity (correct please – if no longer case) from future annexation attempt. No, I’m not sure about population in the reverse direction – when falling below the level.

    The statistic about Fredericksburg being the fastest growing locality is curious. Is it only that city or does it include surrounding zip coded neighbors? Took a tour up there late last year and stumbled over an interesting stat. Comparing solely within the geographical bounds, the population of just the City of Fredericksburg is less than that within the City of Charlottesville. If so, that is uniquely surprising and simulatenously shocking too.

  3. What surprised me is the mention that Charlottesville dropped from 45,049 in 2000 to 43,475 in 2010. Does anyone know why? I’m new to the area.

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