Dugger Challenging Garrett for Clerk

Democratic Clerk of Court incumbent Paul Garrett has a second challenger—Charlottesville School Board member Llezelle Dugger is running for the nomination. (County circuit court deputy clerk Pam Melampy declared last month, and Garrett has declared for reelection.) Dugger is an assistant public defender. Garrett had just one challenger last time around—his history of chicanery surely has something to do with the surge of interest in opposing him.

12 thoughts on “Dugger Challenging Garrett for Clerk”

  1. The surge of interest was brought on by the publication of his salary – $100k . The assistant county circuit clerk probably makes a little over a half of that and the assistant public defender probably makes less than that. Also, she is probably tired of working in that zoo shop run by Hingesly where PDs lose their clients for two weeks and then blame it on somebody else. Have you ever read a testimonial thanking the work of the PD’s office? Dugger’s performance on the School Board will keep me from voting for her.

  2. This has got to be one of the most challenged Clerk of Court contests in the history of the country.

  3. Do these new candidates have websites or events where they might receive contributions?

  4. Actually I think I heard the salary was more like $112,000, though I could be wrong.

  5. I believe that Pam Melampy is the sister of Debra Shipp, who is the clerk of the Albemarle County Circuit Court (and Ms. Melampy currently works as a deputy clerk for her sister). I find it interesting that the fact of the familial connection has not found its way into public discourse.

  6. That last sentence was way too wordy! How’s this: Isn’t the fact that they’re sisters newsworthy?

  7. Brad, I guess that family must just have clerkin’ in the blood! A proud family tradition.

  8. I believe that there’s more than one family member working at the Albemarle County Circuit Court, and I do wish someone would make that more widely known.

  9. Cville Eye, sounds like you have a personal vendetta against the PD’s office. What’s the story there, you make too much money to be considered indigent? (Just so you don’t have to look it up, “indigent” means “too poor to afford a $1,000-retainer private attorney.)

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