Garrett Running for Reelection

Paul Garrett is running for reelection as Charlottesville Clerk of Court. I think a lot of Democrats were hoping he’d finally retire—thirty years in office is an awfully long time.  #

4 Responses to “Garrett Running for Reelection”

  • “He said his main focus moving forward is implementing technological improvements to make more services available online.”

    This from a man who still thinks the internet is a series of tubes…

  • Easy enough for the D’s to just support someone else with money time and publicity.

  • The constitutional office pays $112,575. This is a clerk’s job and should not be an elected one.

  • 112K!! The only time I had to deal with that office i left laughing at the complete lack of competency, urgency and effectiveness. Felt like I had stepped into a redneck time machine.

    If this Democrat was actually running a business he would have been fired many moons ago. Or gone out of business. He must LOVE living in Cville!

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