Democrat to Challenge Garett for Clerk of Court

Pam Melampy, a Democrat, will run for C’ville Clerk of Court. Democrat Paul Garrett, the truth-challenged incumbent, has not said if he’s running for reelection.  #

5 Responses to “Democrat to Challenge Garett for Clerk of Court”

  • You could be in a coma awaiting organ harvesting and you’d have my vote over Paul Garrett. I interact with the clerk’s offices of the various courts on a regular basis and find Cville Circuit the worst by far. Technologically they fall further behind each day, and the mistakes that that office makes that get passed on to others to deal with should have, in my opinion, led to his removal from that position long ago.
    Good luck, Pam!

  • Go to the state website to search circuit court case information and you can’t even select Charlottesville as an option. Embarrassing.
    Oh, and the website he certified to the state 4 years ago that he had up and running I still get nothin.

  • As a member of the Charlottesville Democratic Committee, and a professional user of the clerk’s office who has always supported Paul, I will do what I can to convince him to retire in 2011 and not run for re-election.

    The clerk’s office needs to move forward in ways Paul is unable to take it.

    Our Party needs to recognize this, and present a candidate with the proper training and ability.

  • That’s great. I hope more people encourage him to retire.

  • Is the salary of the Clerk public or otherwise common knowledge?

    Also: what would a job description for clerk look like?

    (And, no, I have no intention of applying.)

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