2 thoughts on “Meadowcreek Parkway Lawsuit Filed”

  1. Just wanted to jump in to say Yeah! or Yay! really (but that somehow looks wrong when written out). Funny how little things like early school start dates get loads of comment, but something that will have a huge effect on the future shape of the city doesn’t inspire anyone to comment either support or opposition.

  2. boss of me, I think it’s because the issue is so played out. Everyone knows the arguments pro and con.

    Frankly, this lawsuit is just one more of a string of tedious and cynical maneuvers.

    The road will be built. But some people are so invested in and committed to opposing the road that they simply can’t back down now. Pride and stubbornness, more than any real issue that could compel sincere opposition to this sensible addition to our transportation infrastructure, are the primary motivators now.

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