County Proposal: Start School Two Weeks Earlier

Albemarle County is thinking about starting the school year two weeks earlier, Brandon Shulleeta writes in the Daily Progress. It’s still at the just-tossing-around-ideas phase, but the thinking is that this way students could take SOLs and winter exams before they leave for winter break, rather than after. It’s also possible that school would get out two weeks earlier for summer break. This year’s calendar had students starting school on August 25 and has them finishing up on June 10, so the proposal is presumably to have kids go back to school around August 11, and possibly get out as early as May 27. The idea came out of a discussion held by a panel brought together to consider the topic today. School board members agreed with the notion that any change should be announced at least a year in advance, so any changes likely wouldn’t come prior to the 2012-2013 school year.

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