Edwards Retiring from City Council

Holly Edwards in April 2007. By Brian Wheeler, Charlottesville Tomorrow / CC BY 2.0

Vice Mayor Holly Edwards is stepping down at the end of her first term, Brian Wheeler reports for Charlottesville Tomorrow. In her announcement, she didn’t cite any single reason why she’s not running for reelection—is basically sounds like she’s done. Although Edwards was enormously active in the community prior to her candidacy four years ago, she’d never been politically active. She’s one of three councilors whose terms expire at the end of the year. Councilor David Brown has already said that he’s stepping down after this, his second term, while Satyendra Huja has not said what his plans are.

Presumably this should have a correlative increase in the number of people interested in running. There are a handful of people said to be considering running—all Democrats—and those who intend to do so should be tossing their hat into the ring in the next few months. Although the election is in November, the whole election process is in turmoil across the state, a result of redistricting. With the 2010 census data having just become available, the state legislature still needs to draw new district boundaries, and those have to be approved by the Department of Justice, the result of which is that primaries can’t be held until August, resulting in a significantly abbreviated general election period. Of course, redistricting won’t affect a city-wide council election, but this election will follow the same cycle as the statewide elections this fall, so anticipate an awkward process as a result.

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