5 thoughts on “Healthy School Lunch Options”

  1. Fair point, but based on the contents of the article, it appears that the intent here is to do both:

    Last year, Cost began thinking about how to implement the idea—from the cost of food to training for the cooks to, most importantly, getting the students to eat unfamiliar, healthy foods.

    I remember, as a freshman at WAHS, being shocked by the food options. Soggy burgers, pizza from Domino’s, lots of fried things, canned sodas… I mean, I wasn’t looking for tofu and brown rice, but there wasn’t even a middle ground, as I recall.

  2. I think it is great. The vegetarian aspect is just a side benefit for this vegetarian former teacher. I am excited that small batch cooking will be occurring in the city schools. I hope my child takes advantage of the new options, instead of sticking with the processed standbys.

  3. Cuban style Black Beans and Rice. It’s one of the best bean dishes I’ve ever had. But I’ve never been able to find it outside of the Miami area, and one Venice area restaurant in California called Versailles (if I remember the name correctly).

  4. This really is long overdue, IMHO. My kids aren’t vegetarian, but we don’t eat a lot of meat. I grew up on hot dogs and Big Macs, so for me to eat a hot dog at a school function is no big deal. My son started K in the city this year. We went to the school open house, the only food was hot dogs or pork barbecue. Both my kids were troopers, they tried it, but they simply don’t like those foods.

    Oh, they also had “basked beans”, which is beans cooked beyond recognition and smothered in sugar. They tried those, too, but no thanks, they said. But simple beans and rice? Yeah, they’d have been all over that.

    Chicken, fish, sure, they like those. But it’s interesting to watch a 5 year old boy take a bite of hot dog, politely chew and swallow it, put the hot dog down, and be done. “No thank you” he suggested when I suggested he take another bite.

    So what happened? I ate their hot dogs and barbecue sandwiches. And mine. Good times.

    The point is it is high time public institutions recognize that not everyone eats hot dogs and hamburgers every day.

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