Family Subdivision Exception Granted

Remember the Board of Supervisor’s denial of a family’s request to subdivide their land more times than the law allows? They’ve reversed themselves, Brandon Shulleeta writes in today’s Progress. Or, rather, the new, more conservative makeup of the board has reversed the prior board. The Matheny family has seventeen acres carved up as a family subdivision, and they used up all of their division rights. But they wanted to divide it one more time. They asked the BoS for permission, and the board said no, that rules is rules. Well, apparently rules isn’t rules. An exception was carved out here, not because of anything in particular about the family or the land in question, but just because the majority on the board board believes that the limit should be ignored.

Disclosure: I paid the Mathenys to drill a well for me last fall. In fact, they did great work, and I recommend ’em.

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