3 thoughts on “The First Red Light Camera is Coming”

  1. Wasn’t there something about “the Constitutionality of Red Light Cameras” a few years back?

    What has changed? How is this any different?

  2. As a follow up on this subject-

    There have been investigative news stories done in other cities where red light camera’s were installed.

    The issues they highlight include:

    1. Shortened “Yellow light Times” which increase the rate of Photo Red enforcement (or increase the incidents of rear end collision to avoid the Photo Red ticket).

    2. Conflicts of interest between the “Public Good” and “Private Corporate Profit.”

    Here’s one example of those stories – In Mesa Arizona:


    (Sure it was Arizona – but if it could happen there it could happen here).

  3. For those reasons and others, I’m convinced that this red light camera thing will end badly here. It’s a solution to a terrible problem that is simple, straightforward, and bad.

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