6 thoughts on “Brawl at the Mall III”

  1. This happens because most of the “poverty” apartments are within walking distance to “The fashion mall.”

    1. Rio Hill Drive (Poverty apartments- which the BOS wants to connect via moped path to the Woodbrook neighborhood).

    2. Any of the Apartments on Commonwealth Drive (Trophy Chase, etc).

    3. The “Parkside” apartments on Whitewood Road.

    Most of the Albemarle County version of “Prospect/Hardy Drive/etc.” (meaning the county/republican version of Public housing) are all within walking distance of the Fashion Mall.

    That is why this is happening.

    (And I say “republican version” because it’s a private/public partnership- as opposed to Public/public).

  2. I say it’s stupidity and the scent of that awful perfume they spray out of Abercrombie. That’s enough to drive anyone to violence, even little old ladies…

  3. @Just Bob, I don’t know anyone who’s willing to walk from Whitewood or Commowealth Drive acroos Route 29 to Fashion Square Mall. It sounds as if you know some of the participants. If so, have you contacted the police?

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