Dorrier Says S’ville Library Isn’t Going Anywhere

In today’s Daily Progress, Sean Tubbs writes that Scottsville Board of Supervisors member Lindsay Dorrier says that Jefferson Madison Regional Library can’t close the Scottsville branch. The county attorney says that their contract with JMRL indicates that funding is proportional, so if they shut down Scottsville, they lose all of the funding for that branch and still have to take a 5% cut for the remaining locations. The library’s Board of Trustees disagrees, saying that the contract indicates that the money is for all of Albemarle’s branches, and that JMRL isn’t obliged to use that money for a Scottsville location.

It looks to me like section 4 of the agreement governs this. The only applicable bit that I can find is part b, which says that the “costs shall be allocated…in direct proportion to their respective shares of the total circulation,” which doesn’t seem to imply any obligation to maintain a particular branch. And Section 6 specifies that “[t]he Regional Library Board shall determine hours and places of library service.” But surely the county attorney is finding this someplace in this agreement—can anybody find it?

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