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  1. The rumor that’s been deleted from the comment threads on all the other news sites- suggests that the female officer (married to another male officer) was allegedly having extra marital sex with the other male officers and was allegedly doing so- while both on and off duty. And that one of the alleged popular locations for officer coitus was 29S down near the Anchorage farm area.

    Personally I wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to wait on reporting about this until the news outlets could say more firmly what it was the officers were being disciplined for. It’s like- they decided to report on the disciplinary actions- and then when they found out it was all interpersonal/non-criminal/sexual in nature then they all got squeamish about the story.

  2. Well, thanks for passing that along (and particularly for classifying it as a mere rumor). True or not, that’s got to be an awfully awkward rumor for the police department to be dealing with.

  3. It seems like it’s an awkward rumor not only for the Police Dept to be dealing with, but also for the news media.

  4. The alleged rumor has been common knowledge is some circles for quite some time. In fact, I am amazed that it has taken this long for this to become public.

  5. It seems like it’s an awkward rumor not only for the Police Dept to be dealing with, but also for the news media.

    One of the officers disciplined, sergeant (now corporal) Scott Cox is married to newsplex (and former NBC29) anchor Beth Duffy, so no wonder mainstream media got squeamish all of a sudden. I figure they knew they had to report the story, so they got it out there early when there wasn’t a lot of information available and then let it drop, hoping it would go away.

  6. Wow. If that’s true (and I have no way of knowing), then that goes a long way towards explaining the awkwardness here.

    The shame of this is that local media outlets are in the best position to research this kind of thing, and establish what’s rumor and what’s fact…but we can see some potential reasons why they won’t touch it. No doubt C-Ville and The Hook are willing to take this on, but nobody else is going to touch it.

  7. My understanding is that NBC29 broke the story. My supposition was that they may have broken the story knowing exactly who was involved and who they were married to. Indeed, I had thought that bad blood between NBC29 and their former anchor may have been the reason why this story came out in the news media in first place.

    They did, after all, file a FOIA request of the ACPD to get the names of the officers involved. I doubt highly that they did not know that this officer was involved before they filed the request, but that doubt is based on pure conjecture and supposition.

  8. No doubt C-Ville and The Hook are willing to take this on, but nobody else is going to touch it.

    I seriously doubt it- at least with regards to “The Hook”. The thread on this topic on the Hook’s website contains an unusually high number of “Deleted By Moderator” in the comments section. They also appended this notice at the bottom of the story:

    Note: commentors are advised to avoid voicing potentially libelous statements.

    And I’ve never ever seen that at the bottom of any of their other story/posts. They’re just as squeamish as the others.

  9. I think The Hook’s position here is wholly understandable. Reporting verified facts is very different than allowing people to engage in (potential) libel on The Hook’s website. I wouldn’t confuse a rigorous interest in the facts (and a desire to avoid a repeat of last year’s libel suit) with an avoidance of them.

    Luckily, the conversation here has been informative without edging into anything close to libel, at least to my eye. Well, it’s not fair to say “luckily”—y’all aren’t lucky, you’re smart. :)

  10. I’ve been careful to use words like “rumor” and/or “alleged”…

    If I knew anything that was a “fact” I would most likely send an email direct to you. Or if I was incensed enough to say it was fact on a number of threads. And I think if I knew and said it was fact on the hook thread I would’ve been deleted by Moderator.

    But I don’t know that the commentors on the Hook site didn’t do similar things (meaning using words like rumor or alleged- or saying I work for the PD and this is what happened).

    As I read through the Hook comments… and almost everything that referenced sexual misconduct was deleted. Only a hand full of comments (both on the Hook site and the NBC29 comment site-also heavily edited/deleted) provided enough information to string the info together to provide the narrative as I did in my first post.

    BTW what was last years libel suit? The Buckingham Garrett thing??

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