11 thoughts on “The Charlottesville Free Wedding Project”

  1. Not sure about the straight thing but I wish I wasn’t already married because I would love this opportunity!

  2. We spent *thirty dollars* (cash!) getting married when we eloped to San Francisco.

    Had we just waited 12 years, we might have been able to save that money and spend it on chicken wings & beer.

    I feel so…cheated.

  3. Nihilism is not my thing, but if ever there was an opportunity for great bogus entries, this is.

  4. We spent *thirty dollars* (cash!) getting married when we eloped to San Francisco.

    Ditto that. Imagine my embarrassment at the Charlottesville Courthouse when I was told they only accept cash for weddings, no credit cards. Had to leave my bride to be there while I ran out to an ATM.

  5. I’ve long had a theory that the length of time a marriage lasts is in inverse proportion to the amount of money spent on the wedding. Totally based on observation and anecdotal experience, but I’m sure there’s a peer-reviewed study out there somewhere proving it.

  6. It’s not the money spent, but it’s the ratio between all the ‘tra la la’ and the couple’s true purpose.

  7. Chad,

    San Francisco accepts checks. In fact, we sent a $30 check ahead of time to reserve our “ceremony.” They lost it, though, so we had to cough up cash on the spot! Our amusement at the situation: http://cat2.kjsl.com/~juphoff/pix/wedding/ja3.jpg

    They later found the check and sent it back to us, uncashed. It now lives in a scrapbook. :)

  8. “so, Mom and Dad, how did you guys meet and get together?”

    “Well son, you see there was this event in Charlottesville Virginia that was pre-sponsored by a certain number of aspiring businesses; and, well, the opportunity was just too good to pass up….”

    how romantic!

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