The Charlottesville Free Wedding Project

Who wants a free wedding?  #

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  • Do you have to be straight?

  • That’s actually a pretty good question.

  • Not sure about the straight thing but I wish I wasn’t already married because I would love this opportunity!

  • We spent *thirty dollars* (cash!) getting married when we eloped to San Francisco.

    Had we just waited 12 years, we might have been able to save that money and spend it on chicken wings & beer.

    I feel so…cheated.

  • Nihilism is not my thing, but if ever there was an opportunity for great bogus entries, this is.

  • We spent *thirty dollars* (cash!) getting married when we eloped to San Francisco.

    Ditto that. Imagine my embarrassment at the Charlottesville Courthouse when I was told they only accept cash for weddings, no credit cards. Had to leave my bride to be there while I ran out to an ATM.

  • I’ve long had a theory that the length of time a marriage lasts is in inverse proportion to the amount of money spent on the wedding. Totally based on observation and anecdotal experience, but I’m sure there’s a peer-reviewed study out there somewhere proving it.

  • If your theory is correct, then the couple that gets the free wedding will live happily ever after.

  • It’s not the money spent, but it’s the ratio between all the ‘tra la la’ and the couple’s true purpose.

  • Chad,

    San Francisco accepts checks. In fact, we sent a $30 check ahead of time to reserve our “ceremony.” They lost it, though, so we had to cough up cash on the spot! Our amusement at the situation:

    They later found the check and sent it back to us, uncashed. It now lives in a scrapbook. :)

  • “so, Mom and Dad, how did you guys meet and get together?”

    “Well son, you see there was this event in Charlottesville Virginia that was pre-sponsored by a certain number of aspiring businesses; and, well, the opportunity was just too good to pass up….”

    how romantic!

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