9 thoughts on “Skating Rink to Close”

  1. well, if not an ice park, at least it’ll still be useful as an… ummm….. wait, hold on a second.

    Hey, didn’t all of us point out this exact problem back when the Ice Park was first built?

  2. my favorite part of the article is actually where the Ice Park is referred to as a “a neo-classical” design…

    heck, then I suppose that (now-empty) Circuit City up on 29 is the height of modernist architecture?

  3. Charlottesville is fortunate to have an ice rink at all, and even more fortunate to have a rink as nice as the ice park. I grew up skating at Iceland in Virginia Beach, and that place looks like someone took an old garage and threw some water in it to freeze. To have an ice rink in a setting like the downtown mall, with actual windows looking out onto the ice, is really a treat for the community.

    The rink draws in a considerable amount of business for surrounding downtown mall businesses, particularly Christian’s. Skaters drive in from other areas, particularly Lynchburg and Fredericksburg, to use the rink. If the rink closes, Charlottesville skaters and hockey players will either drive elsewhere or give up sports that they love altogether.

    I’ve been figure skating for three years. I started off in the Learn to Skate program and now take private lessons with a coach. Much of my free time and money goes to skating; I was reflecting last week that I could have a nicer house or car right now if it weren’t for skating, but it’s worth it. Some people have been skating there since they were toddlers and are now active in the figure skating or hockey programs. This is just capitalism to some, but it’s a loss for the many members of the community who enjoyed public skating or skating school, and to those of us who skate on a regular basis it’s horrible, possibly life-changing news.

  4. I agree that it’s a loss to the community. My kids and I skate there occasionally, and sometimes take out of town guests there as well. We always have a great time, and it’s a beautiful facility.
    It’s ironic that this was announced during the Olympics when interest in skating is up.

  5. During my college years, I learned to skate at LancerLot in Roanoke. Ice rinks south of DC were a novelty. The rink in Lynchburg opened a while ago and has proven popular with locals, as well as hosting a few college teams; being owned by Liberty, they probably don’t have the same issues with profits and losses that a for-profit rink would have. While their ice is great year-round, and the facility has more spectator space, the building and it’s locale aren’t anything like the Ice Park.
    As a fan of college club hockey, I wonder what the UVa and JMU teams will do.

  6. If the rink closes, Charlottesville skaters and hockey players will either drive elsewhere or give up sports that they love altogether.

    Some of us will actually move away, including myself and my wife. Seems like an overreaction, but one of the reasons we chose to move to C-ville was the ice rink.

  7. Per input from city officials at the time, the ice park was built in a manner so that, if ever necessary, it could be easily be converted to a much-needed conference center for say … its’ neighbor the Omni Hotel! While I greatly hope new owners appear on the scene ASAP & keep our ice park open, I am happy that a viable Plan B is waiting in the wings … time will tell!

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